Admin Panel

Manage your server how you want it


This management panel contains everything you need to manage your server in good conditions.


Information at your fingertips

Everything is designed to be very clear. Here you can see the main graph available on your dashboard where every important information is displayed.

Player tracking

You can easily see the progression of a player day by day, which is very useful for detecting cheaters.


More player tracking

We store every bit of information. You can for instance watch vehicles or the inventory of a player and even restore a backup in a blink of an eye.

Easy search system

You can watch your database and sort it or search for specific terms easily. Stop wasting your time searching something


Simple design and very functionnal

Everything is sorted and well arranged so you find everything you need on the same page.

Logs for everyone

Each time one of your staff members do something it is logged. You can rest and control your staff just by checking the logs.


Support for addons

Using an add-on that requires to be monitored? We'll add it for you. Here's an example of The Programmer's company script.

Sanctions management

Take action against players who do not fit your server's rules. Warn/kick/ban them from the panel.


Full RCON support

Watch players that are currently on your server and RCON logs at the same time. You can also schedule tasks like auto-reboot.

Organizations, Roles, and Permissions

No need to hand out your RCON passwords to your staff anymore. You can grant them full privileges or you can choose to limit what they can do. Adding and removing staff has never been easier or safer for your organization.



Want to add auto-reboot to your server ? With the scheduler you can execute whatever command you want, the days you want, the hour and minute you want.

Simple and Fast API

Want to include RCON power into your own panel ? You can with our simple API.


Multiple languages

This panel is available in french and in english. No configuration is required, everything is auto.

Available for 80€/year*

*Contact us for more informations

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