RCON Panel

Take power of RCON.


The RCON panel contains everything you need to manage ban, schedule and much more.


Watch players that are currently on the server with also RCON logs. You can also take quick action like kick/ban or even send a command.


Players database

Watch all players that ever connected to your server with their information.

Organizations, Roles, and Permissions

No need to hand out your RCON passwords to your staff anymore. You can grant them full privileges or you can choose to limit what they can do. Adding and removing staff has never been easier or safer for your organization.


Manage ban

Yon can ban players from the panel, which is very useful for your staff since you don't have to share your RCON password.


Want to add auto-reboot to your server ? With the scheduler you can execute whatever command you want, the days you want, the hour and minute you want.


Simple and Fast API

Want to include RCON power into your own panel ? You can with our simple API.

Multiple languages

This panel is available in french and in english. No configuration is required, everything is auto.


This offer is no longer available